Financial Service

Financial Service

Global core banking solution sales
  • Acquisition of core banking system of Shinhan Bank in Vietnam and sales to local banks
Self- business solutions Sales
  • S-Pass: Non-facing identity verification solution
  • S-Auth: Non-facing biometric solutions
  • S-Push: Non-facing UMS solution
  • S-Monitor: Mobile customer behavior analysis and monitoring solutions
Import and customize advanced Korean solutions
  • Co-operate with local solution companies which want to entry into Vietnam market
Local solution development and service busines
  • Based on successful project experience in various financial IT business, we provide the best consulting service that is optimized for financial IT business
ISP (Information Strategy Planning)
Service overview

Through in/external environment and IT trend analysis. We provide strategic consulting service for Shinhan Group / Client.

Service Scope
1. Current status analysis
  • Questionnaire
  • Field staffs interview
  • Advanced case research
  • Current status analysis
  • Extract improvement point
2. IT Visioning
  • IT Vision
  • Extract promotion work
  • Advanced case research
  • Detailed strategy per work
  • Establish priority per work
3. Implementation Planning
  • IT Vision
  • Extract change control program
  • Establish Master plan
  • Analysis for expected economic effect
BPR (Business Process Re-engineering)
Service overview

To mitigate business workload at branch back-office, we provide consulting service to construct BPR system for loan, reception and foreign exchange.

Service Scope



Foreign Exchange



ITSM (IT Service Management)
Service overview

We provide ITSM construction consulting service to maintain overall process, resource and technic within the scope of reasonable expense considering agreed qualification level.

Service Scope