Your Partner in ICT and Digital Innovation Shinhan DS VIETNAM

Shinhan DS has established the oversea subsidiary in Vietnam on 18th September, 2018 and Shinhan DSVN is in processing to handle the IT field of Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Securities and expand business to South East of Asia.

Stage 1
  • Enter Vietnamese Market
  • Providing Services to group subsicliaries and local Fls
Stage 2
  • Complete the Asian Belt
    (including Khmer, Manlia and Indonesia)
Stage 3
  • Review further global expansion
Establishment September 2018
  • Software development and maintenance
  • IT hardware (network, server, ATM), software distribution
  • Software, hrdware import/export
  • IT consulting
Expected Impacts
  • Fast response to local needs – Speed
  • Providing stable service without depending on HQ in Korea - Independency
  • Know-how in global IT development and management – Glocalization
  • Extend coverage to all Asian countries where Shinhan has presence in - Synergy

The Goals of SDSVN

Short-term Goal: 「Stabilization of local ICT & Laying the foundations for Glocalization」
Long-term Goal: 「To become the Global ICT Innovator (Southeast Asian ICT Platform Hub)

CI Introduction

CI meaning

CI meaning
  • Global


    (Sense of scale, expertise, and representativeness) Leap to become a global comprehensive financial brand representing Korea in the era of internationalization
  • Hope


    Pigeons and sprouts, the main elements of the existing CI, are reinterpreted to fit the future sensibility of the 21st century, symbolizing hope for a brighter future.
  • Future career

    Future Career

    Symbolizes Shinhan's English initial'S' and expresses the future path of running toward endless growth

Pigeons and sprouts, which were the symbols of Shinhan Financial Group, were reinterpreted to fit the future sentiment of the 21st century and expressed as a hope for a blooming future. The shape of S in the middle is symbolized as a financial company's path as an indicator of running toward endless growth.

When it comes to color application, the use of blue color, which represents refined and confident confidence and scale, and upgraded gold, which symbolizes development and enthusiasm, are used together to express our vision and confident position as a global financial company that challenges the world.

In terms of the logo font, the Korean and English are expressed in a serif type with a familiar and luxurious feeling, so that they can be differentiated from other companies, and yet have the superiority of the image.Expected environmental application cases such as signs, bankbooks, and cards In addition, by applying an effective and differentiated color system, we are trying to realize an innovative will to a better future and a leap toward globalization.

General Information

  • Company Name

    Shinhan DS Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • Representative

    Gerneral Director Ji Dong-Jae
  • Address

    Room 204-205, 2nd Floor, Centec Building, 72-74 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Main Phone

    T. 028 3823 7255
    F. 028 3823 7257
  • Establishment Day

    September 18, 2018