Work Life

Birthday Party Monthly

Each member is the greatest human asset of Shinhan DS Vietnam.
To celebrate the date our lovely colleagues were born, we organize a Birthday party monthly.
All members will gather around, sing Happy Birthday songs, and send them best wishes.
We then all enjoy delicious food and have small talks all over the place. The organizing team is so thoughtful that they always try to meet the nutritional balance of every party with adequate amounts of meat, veggies and fruits.
The wonderful thing is, at Shinhan DS Vietnam, we do almost all of the displaying and cleaning ourselves. So everyone is a part of the party.
What’s more, each member also receives a birthday allowance on their birth month.

Clean-up Day

At Shinhan DS Vietnam, we prioritize not only data security but also a hygiene and safe workplace.
Therefore, on every first Friday of each month, all members will spend 30 minutes at the end of the day to tidy their desk and working area.
You will find a common scene where everyone is busying disposing unused papers, sorting out documents and organizing their desks and the common areas.
A clean working area for a fresh and well-organized mind.

Sport Day

The first step to be happy is to be healthy.
The company always wants to promote a healthy lifestyle and ensures that the members come to work in good physical conditions.
Along with sport activities within each team, the company also organizes sport events for all employees occasionally.
Our members really enjoy going running and playing badminton together.

Family Day

Understanding that family plays a crucial and unreplaceable part of each employee, Shinhan DS VN offers a Family Day weekly to our members.
On every Friday, all members are encouraged to get home 30 minutes early and spend more time with their loved ones, recharge energy after a long working week.
On that day, you can easily see our Board of Directors walking around and urging everyone to go home.
Family is anyone who loves you unconditionally, so take your time with them.

Morning Music

What’s a better way to start a productive working day than listening and humming to your favorite song?
Get to work early, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy the music.
When the music stops, let’s get into business!
Our members can recommend their favorite songs every day.

Striving to Enhance Development Skills

At Shinhan DS Vietnam, we don’t have jobs, we have careers.
And therefore, our Board of Directors always encourages and creates plenty of opportunities for our developers to elevate their development skills and knowledge.
Apart from annual education plans, online courses, and soft skills workshops, a technical competition is held every quarter.
All members are looking forward to the competition every quarter not only for proving their improvement but also the attractive incentives for the best scorers.


We usually offer afternoon treats with food using Employee funds, or specialties brought by some employees from their hometown.
Spending 15 to 20 minutes to recharge energy, enjoying the yummy food and chatting with colleagues are essential to prevent our members from being overwhelmed and continuously stuck with their projects.
Remember to have a short break at work! No matter how hard the problem is, you will always figure it out.

Dinner and Lunch with team members

Workplace may not always be the best place to solve problems. How about changing the environment and discussing it?
Shinhan DS Vietnam sets a monthly budget for team gatherings. Restaurants and coffee shops are our best choices.
Let’s spend some time together outside of work to tighten team relationships.